Crisis of Performance 

How to anticipate it by seeing the indicators.

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Managers, have you ever found yourself surprised by a big crisis in your department or organization? 

Large corporations and small businesses can expect crisis. In fact it is normal. But organizations that don’t see it coming before they are in the midst of it will miss their goals or experience complete failure because of it. There are indicators of impending crisis. If you notice the indicators you can ready the team for what is approaching. 

When you find yourself or team in the midst of a crisis, the looming question is - What do I do now? Actually that is not the most important question to ask, but the most urgent one. The most important question I will address later. 

As the manager - What do you do now?

  • Bring Calm – People in chaos are anxious or feel imminent doom. They rarely work strategically. As the supervisor you should bring calm and optimism to the situation.
  • Act – Don’t just stand there, get moving towards resolution. Bring confidence you’re your leadership.
  • Investigate What – Be careful not to blame. Use your people to understand what happened, so you can understand how to fix.
  • Gather the clean-up team – Some managers assume they need to clean it all up – save the day. But if you want your team to know how to deal with this again, let them be the clean-up team with you.
  • Communicate – You cannot communicate too much. Employees, customers, clients and executives need to hear frequently what the team is doing to bring success back again.

Most of us learn from experiencing crisis how to best benefit from it. Warren Bennis and many leadership gurus helped me learn to get in front of it. One thing I am acutely aware of is that people with more experience and expertise than me, who find themselves in this situation, often react badly. That is why we know what not to do!

What not to do!

  • Close Down
  • Narrow Your Thinking
  • Take Over and Exclude
  • Fix It for All

Now to the important question you should ask. Were there indicators that the crisis was impending?

The resounding answer is YES! But we often miss them.

Based on years of interviewing 100s of managers, we have the list. These indicators include: systems breakdown, behavior of those in charge, messages from employees & customers, and too many assumptions. Some are overt. Some are obscure.

If you supervise a team or manager and have a hunch something is going on that could be a big problem, trust yourself. You might want to assess the situation for indicators of impending crisis so you can act. That list is below.

If you are a new or mature leader who has found yourself in a surprising crisis multiple times, CONTACT US. We can train you and your team to:

  1. Set systems in place to avoid crisis.
  2. Identify the Indicators of Impending Crisis before it affects the success of the organization.
  3. Use the best strategies AT/DURING/AFTER the crisis to prevent another one


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Do I need a coach?

To answer these questions, reflect on your long term career goals, your responsibility in the organization, your skills and competence, and the performance of those that report to you.

Check yes or no for each question as it applies to you and your team.

  •  Do I need to stretch myself to learn more and utilize my full potential?
  •  Could I use a trusted advisor  to coach me as I make important decisions?
  •  Is there significant change that I and my team will be facing in the next year?
  •           Are there at least three talents/skills that I need to strengthen to reach the company goals?

  •   Is my team failing in achieving top results?
  •  Have I lost some really good people in the last year?
  •  Do I plan to lead another area within the company in the next two years?
  •  Does my five year career goal include expanding the company or my department?
  • Are my leaders lacking the top ten leadership qualities which our company needs?
  •  Do performance dips of my employees continue to slip up on me?

If you checked YES on three or more boxes, you can benefit from engaging a leadership development coach.   Use the CONTACT US page to start a conversation about the value of coaching.

Our Services

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Strengths Coaching for Individuals and Teams

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Embracing Change

Are storms coming at work and you cannot figure out how to avoid them? Sometimes storm clouds begin forming at work and coming in your direction. You do not see shelter or an exit route. Anxiety begins. You lose focus.

What seems to be impending chaos might really benefit you. It depends on personal resilience and your approach to change. Change will affect you. You can improve your ability to move through the change with the best result. Understanding the cycle of change and its effect, will give you confidence and tools to make it through.

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Anticipating and Avoiding Impending

Performance Crisis

Anticipating and Avoiding of Impending Performance Crisis

Performance decline can be predicted. Experience can help you see it coming and avoid it. Even when you can't predict it, knowing more about the Signs of Impending Performance Failure will help you correct the path quickly. And it can save your organization financial and human talent loss.

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Consulting and training services we can provide. 

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