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LPR Consulting offers customized training for your team or organization.  

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Applying Strengths As a Teacher

Teachers have a huge responsibility - educating our society.  

If you want to improve your effectiveness with every student, know your strengths and how to use them.  This one-hour virtual class will help you aim your strengths to help students of any age enjoy learning while retaining the knowledge.  Taking the Clifton Strengths assessment is step #1.

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Coach, Mentor, 

Manage or Lead 

 Which Should I do?

Supervisors have many options to develop employee skills.  Using the right set of tools can speed up good performance.  Applying the wrong one will waste time and talent.  This 1.5 hour virtual class will uncover the difference in those tools.  Discussion will help you decided how and which to use.

Applying Strengths to Find  the Next Great

Whether currently in transition or hoping to find a job that is a better fit.  You need to know your strengths and be able to articulate there value to a recruiter or hiring manager.  The right job for you will allow you to use your strengths 

every day.  

Let's discuss what that looks like.

Taking Clifton Strengths assessment is step #1.

Why Can't I Get it All Done?

There is no such thing as time management.  We cannot manage time, but we can manage how we use the time we have.  Using a Time Management Matrix will allow you to be more effective.  You will learn how to minimize Time Wasters and Distractions so the time you have can be used to meet your long term goals.

Change = Improvement

Change is everywhere.  You can choose to embrace it or resist it.  Our training on Change at Work is for managers/leaders.   In the two one-hour sessions we will uncover why change is hard and how to help employees through it.   But surviving change is not enough.  If done well, employees can improve their performance and satisfaction to a higher level than before.

Lead with Ten

This is a series of training with application assignments on ten leadership competencies needed to lead individuals and teams.  When there is someone who shows great potential for leading a department or project, make sure they are not only technically strong, but also know how to lead.  These classes can be facilitated with an individual or a group of high potential leaders.